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Sweet sarcasms and bitter humor
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15th-Oct-2028 10:53 pm - because I'm such a brat
oh what the hell, her blog is
free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com
Oh, if you're looking for icons, they are at nicanei 
I haven't updated them in a while, will do, next millenium.
Icons I'm using are gankable, unless I told you not to. Crediting would be nice.

join k8crack for k8... and crack XD lol

UPDATE: September 27, 2011
Most of you already noticed,
But yeah I'm mostly on hiatus.
Except my twitter, I need to vent my frustrations in life 
Follow my tumblr http://sadistangel.tumblr.com
I sometimes update. Mostly no.
I will resume in half a year, or whenever sem break comes.
25th-Feb-2012 04:09 am - My tweets
24th-Feb-2012 04:10 am - My tweets
  • Thu, 15:42: Just when I need to be sleepy, I'm not :/ Noooooo
  • Thu, 22:36: うわ・・・緊張する。どうするの?
  • Fri, 01:29: Just as when my body clock turned normal, I work on a night shift :| Sandman knows how to troll
  • Fri, 02:45: so early :/
  • Fri, 09:26: Night shift. Fun timez
  • Fri, 09:45: @oh_takumi Yeah, he has that problem years ago. If you listen to their first albums his voice was better. He injured his eardrums too.
22nd-Feb-2012 01:05 am - My tweets
  • Wed, 04:11: So gratifying to work in a place where everyone compliments your hard work.
18th-Feb-2012 12:26 pm - My tweets
16th-Feb-2012 04:10 am - My tweets
  • Wed, 23:53: :/ wth twitter, stop revamping your site
14th-Feb-2012 01:06 am - Мои твиты
4th-Feb-2012 07:26 am - My tweets
  • Sat, 10:10: @KuntaSama I've been browsing the intarnets trying to find that bad fanfic about a smut fic that uses aaaaaaahs to describe genitals. HALP
  • Sat, 10:10: @KuntaSama It's been years since you linked that to me and I can't find it D:
1st-Feb-2012 05:15 am - My tweets
31st-Jan-2012 05:20 am - My tweets
  • Mon, 19:18: @raegalpo di ko pa naeemail yung mentor. email ko na as is?
  • Mon, 20:50: RT @YourAnonNews: CANADA: Help fight against SOPA's evil little brother, the Canadian version - Learn more about Bill C-11 here: http:// ...
  • Mon, 22:44: It's so sad when your heart's ugliness is synonymous to your face. You're supposed to take only one.
  • Mon, 23:20: @raegalpo pasok tayo maaga for practice? nasend mo na ba yung unang ppt?
  • Tue, 01:09: Dear group mates, for the love of things that's holy, REPLY TO MY EMAIL.
30th-Jan-2012 05:11 am - My tweets
29th-Jan-2012 04:15 am - My tweets
28th-Jan-2012 04:11 am - My tweets
26th-Jan-2012 03:26 pm - My tweets
24th-Jan-2012 04:09 am - Мои твиты
  • Пн, 18:13: :| My Yoko coin box was talking by itself. WTF
  • Пн, 18:58: Happy Lunar New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Kung Hei Fat Choi! I want tikoy!
  • Пн, 21:23: @chiiiae @mysticwater relatives coming today. Can't stay the night but I can go, I'm weighing my options when to go. (booze or emily) lol
  • Пн, 22:08: -_- I have an attention span of a 3 year old whenever I do assignments
  • Пн, 23:32: @raegalpo @charlotteungson tapos nyo na ba lesson? Bakit yung NF ayaw tanggapin na newfoundland? iba pa ba yun?
23rd-Jan-2012 05:11 am - Мои твиты
22nd-Jan-2012 05:06 am - Мои твиты
21st-Jan-2012 05:12 am - Мои твиты
20th-Jan-2012 07:30 am - Мои твиты
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20th-Dec-2011 07:59 am - Мои твиты
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